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Olympus BH2/TU with Dual View Teaching Outfit. Available with several optional accessories including trinocular, photo adapter, camera outfit. Standard offering includes inclined 45 degree binocular; two 10x w.f. eyepieces; quintuple nosepiece; mechanical stage with low position coaxial XY controls and specimen holder; brightfield condenser with iris diaphram;
sub-stage condenser rack - centerable & focusable; built-in field diaphram; fully built-in 6v-20w halogen illuminator; 2 new bulbs; self-adjustable coarse tension control; stage brake to reduce breakage of slides.

Complete Teaching Outfit with additional binocular, two 10x w.f. eyepieces,
Electronic pointer/arrow/moveable. 
All items fully checked out and verified! Excellent condition.  


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