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Dealer Demo Microscopes - Sales and service of name brand microscopes for deep discounts. Includes all types of laboratory microscopes and surgical microscopes for Dental, ENT, Plastic Reconstructive, Cosmetic, Spinal and Neurosurgery. Includes major brands like Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Seiler.
Leitz Lab Microscopes
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German Leitz SM Lux Lab Microscope with LED Illuminator!
Includes two 10x eyepieces; binocular (45 degree) with 2 focusable diopters;
3 objective lenses; Leitz 4x,10x,40x - all flatfield; excellent images; flip out condenser with iris diaphram; field diaphragm for Kohler; LED illuminator with over 50,000 hr rated bulb - very bright - never replace another bulb. 
Mechanical stage not included. 

Leitz SM Lux Microscope with LED Illuminator

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