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Dealer Demo Microscopes - Sales and service of name brand microscopes for deep discounts. Includes all types of laboratory microscopes and surgical microscopes for Dental, ENT, Plastic Reconstructive, Cosmetic, Spinal and Neurosurgery. Includes major brands like Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Seiler.


Completely by-pass and replace the halogen illuminator in your Olympus BX microscope. Our LED replacement illuminators are rated at 50,000 hours which is longer than the lifetime of the microscope. Your will never need to replace another bulb or board or component on a board again. Guaranteed!

Our complete LED illuminator is simple install to replace the original halogen lamp house. No tools required. It works very well with all microscope techniques (phase contrast, polarization, etc.). It is daylight intensity and color balance.

We also have LED replacement illuminators for other name brand including Nikon, Zeiss, and Leitz/Leica microscopes. 

Product Features:
Long service life: 50,000 hrs,
Low operating costs: power input approx. 10w(MAX)
Lamp change as usual is no longer necessary.
High light density, high image sharpness,sharp contrast,
Less heat to microscope and specimen,
No interference with your camera’s image frequency.

Product Specifications (varies with models):
Input: 100-250v AC, 50/60 Hz,
Output: 0-12v DC, 0-1000ma,
Flux: 900 Lux,
Luminous intensity: > 80% after 50,000 hours
Brightness adjustment: 0 - 100%, (256 gray levels)
Colour: white 5500k(The LBD filter no longer necessary)
One Year Warranty!

Prices vary with model. Please email or call with questions/pricing.

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