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Dealer Demo Microscopes - Sales and service of name brand microscopes for deep discounts. Includes all types of laboratory microscopes and surgical microscopes for Dental, ENT, Plastic Reconstructive, Cosmetic, Spinal and Neurosurgery. Includes major brands like Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Seiler.

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Dealer Demo (used) Microscopes offers the best microscopes at the best prices. We have microscopes from routine to research laboratory use to practically any surgical or colposcopy procedure. We have you covered. 

Our demo / used microscopes include major brands likeOlympus, Zeiss, Seiler, Nikon, Leica, Reichert, and Meiji. Let us know your application. We have the solution to your microscope requirement and within your budget!

Advance notice of new arrivals. Complete the short form in the Contact Us section and we will send you a message before the scopes get posted on one of our sites.
If you need microscope repair or preventive maintenance service, we have trained microscope technicians with decades of experience ready to serve you. 
We are undergoing some major changes, so you might like to check back for new updates as we continually add to our offerings. There's much more coming!
Dealer Demo Microscopes is a division of Tottleben Scientific  Company.          
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